Fondazione Ansaldo

Fondazione Ansaldo

The Ansaldo Foundation

Founded by Finmeccanica spa, the City of Genoa, Province of Genoa and Region of Liguria, the Foundation is an institution dedicated to economic, business and labour culture. In the conviction that societal progress and economic development can generate a synergistic relationship which is able to increase the competitiveness of enterprise and along with it the quality of life of the communities involved, the Foundation aims to bridge the worlds of culture and business. This is a role which can be adopted and developed only when founded on the basis of approval and involvement of and partnership with the social components.  A non-profit institution recognised as a legal person, the Foundation promotes studies and research projects, cultural events and initiatives, higher education activities and is committed to protecting and exploiting the archival heritage produced by companies and other economic players........>>


30 September, 2016
forced labour

Impresa e Forced Labour

Fondazione Ansaldo è lieta di invitare alla conferenza "Impresa e Forced Labour - Delocalizzazione…
27 July, 2016
Andrea Doria La signora del mare clip

Andrea Doria, l'elegante signora del mare

Filmato realizzato con materiale d'archivio di Fondazione Ansaldo per il 60mo anniversario…
19 July, 2016
Andrea Doria x

Eventi per il 60° anniversario dell'Andrea Doria

Fondazione Ansaldo collabora con alcune iniziative organizzate in occasione dell'anniversario del…
11 July, 2016


Si comunica che Fondazione Ansaldo rimarrà chiusa da lunedì 1 a mercoledì 31 agosto…
27 June, 2016
invito don Gallo digitale

Archivio Don Andrea Gallo, 1918 - 2013

Il materiale documentario relativo alla vita e alle opere di Don Andrea Gallo (1928 – 2013) a…





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Photography and Industry

With financial support from Compagnia di San Paolo and beginning in January 2015, the goal of the Fotografia e industria (photography and industry) project is to facilitate digital and IT management of the enormous photographic heritage held by the Ansaldo Foundation.


Photo of  October








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